Local Artisans Talk About Their Projects

Local Artisans Talk About Their Projects

on Tuesday February 27th 2018

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

On a day that hinted strongly of spring, warm in the daytime, slow temperature drop in the late afternoon, clear blue skies, and a lingering sun refusing to fully set, I thought that perhaps more people than RSVP’d would show up to the Laravel Toronto meet-up. Wrong!

Twenty people RSVP’d, and a dozen of us showed up, including a strong contingent from our host at SoapBox. A contingent that is a rock of Laravel Toronto, who have been hosting and attending the meet-ups since the early days.

So do people attend to hear the presentations? The hotter the topic and the more popular the speaker, the larger the RSVP’s and attendance? Is it my responsibility as an organizer to provide the community with the hottest topics and popular speakers? My own personal opinion is definitely no. Sometimes we get an opportunity to host a star in the Laravel world, which we have planned for this spring. And sometimes we gather around the table and talk about our projects.

At our York Region PHP meet-ups, we have modest attendance by a core of people who come out for the meet-ups. We know each other, and the conversations are very lively. There’s a lot of experience and expertise in the room and it is very interesting what comes up. Yesterday’s Laravel Toronto’s meet-up was very much like that. There were a dozen people there. Most of us knew each other. There was ongoing lively conversation. There were four presentations, and the topics raised were very interesting, and very Laravel specific.

Andre showed us his Laravel app that uses Pusher and Echo for notifications. It is very interesting to see the code in action.

Check out Andre’s video of this app at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjK0VMTCtVg

And be sure to check out Andre’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/drehimself

I was up next, asking about API security. Specifically, how can you really know that the API sending the data is the real actual genuine API and not a spoofed API or data that was intercepted in transit? The answers were very good!

Here is the link to Laravel Daily’s Passport API Server and Client demo repo.

Chris, from SoapBox, presented an incredible “scraper” to figure out the next available swimming times at the closet pool. I Expected code traversing straight html source and extracting data with regex. Instead Chris uses a library that extracts data via a source html DOM. As well, he talked in depth about using PHP Generators to iterate through almost 50 separate html source pages. Incredibly, he even had tests set up and walked us through the tests. A funny, brief, and profound discussion popped up about the worthiness of using interfaces.

Chris’ app is based on https://github.com/FriendsOfPHP/Goutte.

Here is a link to http://php.net/manual/en/language.generators.overview.php

Jaspaul, from SoapBox, presented his Single Table Inheritance Library.

Jaspaul’s override of the parent boot method in Eloquent’s model.php is very interesting. See:
A sane interface for php's built in preg_* functions (from Spatie) 

Come on out for our “show and tell” meet-ups and join in on the lively Artisan discussions!

Meet-up Overview:

Due to a scheduling conflict, our featured speaker is unable to join us at this meet-up.

This gives us an opportunity to do something we've not done in a while, the only opportunity we will have this winter-spring: for us to go up to the podium to talk about our Laravel projects.

I will go first to get things rolling. Laravel in a micro services context.

No slides? No formal presentation prepared? Public speaking is not your thing? No problem!

Just introduce yourself and then talk tech. We're devs, we can take it. Bonus if you can use the equipment provided for you to display a repo.

Do you just want to describe an issue and get the opinions of your fellow Artisans? Go for it.

Let me know that you want to share at bob.bloom@lasallesoftware.ca

See this meet-up's listing @ Our Meetup.com listing

Our good friend Chris Hartjes is ran his first Grumpy Conference in March 2018.

Chris talks about his initial GrumpyConf at https://voicesoftheelephpant.com/2018/04/08/interview-chris-hartjes-2/


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