Slack Bot and Testing & CI Presentations

Slack Bot and Testing & CI Presentations

on Wednesday November 1st 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

Our first Laravel Toronto meet-up of the 2017-’18 season went very well.

There is a strong sense among the three co-organizers to maintain regular bi-monthly LaravelTO meet-ups.

We are particularly fortunate to have two fantastic downtown hosts and co-organizers, SoapBoxHQ and Chefs Plate. Both organizations are deep into Laravel, are very generous hosts, and very generous in devoting time to their presentation preparations.

SoapBoxHQ hosted this first meet-up of the season in their fabulous office and sponsoring a seemingly unlimited amount of pizza.

Both SoapBoxHQ and Chefs Plate kicked off this season’s presentations with very well prepared and professionally delivered presentations. We were treated to two conference style talks. FYI: For those who want to present their Laravel experiences at future meet-ups, it’s ok to dispense with the slides and do a live demo.

About 30 people attended, about half were employees of SoapBoxHQ and Chefs Plate. For the JetBrains license give-a-way, we had less than a dozen tickets in the hat. Congrats to our winner!

The questions posed to the presenters, David and Justin, were especially pointed. Attendees were very knowledgeable and experienced. I thought in retrospect, we in the audience should have interrupted David and Justin a lot more to spur more discussion. They had a lot of ground to cover.

We enjoyed a relatively mild and only slightly rainy November first in downtown Toronto. I’m including some pics of the evening.

Our next meet-up is Wednesday, December 13th at Chefs Plate. We have one presentation set, and want to add your Laravel experience for the second presentation. DM me!


Sites mentioned during the presentations, and some related sites I threw in...















Meet-up Overview:

Hope everyone had a great (albeit busy) summer!
For our mid-Autumn meet-up, we'll be having a hybrid combination of a demo day and a talk.

Building a Slack Bot with Laravel and BotKit

Graham McCarthy from SoapBox will be walking through their Slack Bot and will go into detail about how they are using Laravel and BotKit together and some of the challenges encountered.

Testing and Continuous Integration with Laravel

David Chang from Chefs Plate will be returning to share some of the insights he has gained from evaluating several different testing tools and will cover how to pick the right tool for the job. This talk will also discuss practical starting points for unit testing, testing coverage, making tests scalable, and how continuous integration fits into the larger picture.

Demo Day!

If you're working on any Laravel or Lumen apps, please feel free to bring them with you to showcase them to the community as well!
Food/beverages will be provided.

Our good friend Chris Hartjes is ran his first Grumpy Conference in March 2018.

Chris talks about his initial GrumpyConf at

Thank you to our sponsors!