Presentation by Chefs Plate

Presentation by Chefs Plate

on Wednesday December 13th 2017

7:00pm - 9:00pm

Review of this Meet-up:

David delivered another fabulous, well prepared, presentation. This one was on performance tuning. All of David’s presentations are rooted in the school of hard knocks. It’s not just a bunch of slides about tuning an app. It’s a summary of what only late nights and intense pressure can teach.

The Laravel Framework is impressively able to query a database into a collection object. Then, we mess around with the collection object. David says that you must not be lulled by the power of the collection. There is a price! Better to get the smallest resultset from the db query Collections may be today’s sexy topic, but precede that topic with a deep dive into Eloquent.

Thank you, David!

York Region Laravel is holding a series of “Coffee and Code” workshops in the winter. Bring your laptop and your Laravel questions.

We have none other than Taylor Otwell doing a video chat with Laravel Toronto in April.

The February and June presentations are tentatively booked.


Meet-up in Action!

(new subway to York Region about to open)

(Canadian opera company)

(Shangri-La hotel)

(looking south on University Ave from King)

(All 72 stories of First Canadian Place, eh!)

(Cdn Opera Company)

Meet-up Overview:

It was great seeing everyone in November! We'll be rounding off the 2017 year with one more meetup before the holiday season is in full swing!

For our December meetup, the first half will comprise of a presentation by Chefs Plate, and the second half will be an open Demo Day/Office Hours session.

Performance Tuning your Laravel & PHP Applications
Do you find your applications have started to become sluggish over time due to software bloat? Are your APIs taking seconds to return a response? In this month's talk, David Chang from Chefs Plate will be focusing on how to get started with addressing performance issues within your applications, and will talk about lessons they've learnt while improving their average API response times from over a second to sub-200 milliseconds.

Office Hours & Demo Day
For our second half, we'll be opening up the floor to anyone interested in demoing their apps. So if you're working on any Laravel or Lumen apps, please feel free to bring them with you to showcase them to the community! Even if your app isn't ready for prime time yet, but you have some design or development concerns, feel free to bring your laptop and ask us your questions! We'll try to help you out as much as we can... think of it like Laravel office hours (without the consultation fee)!

Food and drinks will be provided, so please RSVP early so we can ensure we order enough for everyone.

A special thank you to
Laracon Online 2018 for offering two tickets to raffle at our meetup. Early bird tickets are just $12US, which is already hugely value priced. The SWAG will be worth more, not to mention having access to the vids afterwards. Bob's already bought his ticket.

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