Micro Services Presentation and Round Table Discussion

Micro Services Presentation and Round Table Discussion

on Tuesday June 19th 2018

7:00pm to 9:00pm

Meet-up Overview:

Our original presenter cannot present. So in his stead, Bob Bloom is presenting a brief introduction to the Micro Services architecture. After this presentation, there will be a round table discussion about specific aspects of implementing a micro services architecture.

The presentation and round table will, of course, talk about implementing micro services in a Laravel Framework context.

Impetus for this presentation:
* challenges faced in a real, Laravel context, micro services implementation
* a recent GTA-PHP meet-up where a company announced that it is exploring a refactor using micro services architecture, representing a huge investment
* learning materials and code examples for Laravel based micro services are not as abundant as exists for API development

Please note the date has changed to the 19th.

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Our good friend Chris Hartjes is ran his first Grumpy Conference in March 2018.

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